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    Ring to find your phone by pressing the CubiTag, or instantly locate your items by ringing CubiTag from the app. 

    What Makes CubiTag Different?

    CubiTag Bluetooth 5 Tracker

    Bluetooth 5 Technology

    Powered by the latest Bluetooth protocol. That means 2x the speed, 4x the range, and much lower energy consumption.

    CubiTag Bluetooth Tracker with Replaceable Battery

    Replaceable Battery

    18 months battery life. Designed to let you easily replace the battery by yourself!

    CubiTag Bluetooth Tracker with Motion Sensor

    Movement Alert

    Built-in motion sensor for added security. Get notified on your phone when any movement of your belongings is detected.

    CubiTag Bluetooth Tracker Water Resistant

    Water & Dust Resistant

    IP55 rated. Made to be protected from splashes, spills, and dust.

    CubiTag Bluetooth Tracker with Amazon Alexa and Smart Home IFTTT Compatibility

    Smart Home Integration

    Ask Amazon Alexa where your belongings are! Use CubiTag as your arrival/departure sensor with other smart home devices too.

    CubiTag Bluetooth Tracker with Louder Ringtone

    Louder Ringer

    You won't miss when CubiTag rings even when it's on silent. Find your belongings quicker and easier.

    How Does CubiTag Work?

    CubiTag Bluetooth Tracker Attached to Your Item

    1. Attach It

    Attach CubiTag to your important belongings and connect CubiTag to the app.

    CubiTag Bluetooth Tracker Linked to Your Phone and Ring It

    2. Ring It

    Ring your CubiTag from your phone. CubiTag will play a loud ringtone until you find it.

    CubiTag Bluetooth Tracker Locate Your Item

    3. Find It

    Find your CubiTag by following its ringtone or see its location on your map.

    Meticulously Engineered

    A triumph of technology and design

    CubiTag Bluetooth Tracker Design

    Premium Features For FREE

    Our competitors charge monthly subscription fees for their premium features, CubiTag offers our users all features for free forever.

    Path History

    Path History CubiTag will automatically record the last location and time it was connected to your item on the map. Retrace your item’s path with the easy-to-read path history map.

    Share with Others

    Share your CubiTag with your friends and family. Let them know where your things are. Perfect for a shared car key, bike, backpack, remote, and even your pet!

    Community Search

    Don’t worry if you can’t find your item. CubiTag’s Community Search feature will notify you when your lost item is detected by other CubiTag users through the app.

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